Thursday, 29 March 2012

Blocked Toilet Shard End Birmingham

Blocked Toilet We have all been there before - the toilet is blocked and at any moment the water will rise over the edge of the toilet bowl - panic begins to set in. In a panic to prevent the toilet from overflowing, we continue to flush until all hope is lost. As the toilet begins to overflow, you start to wonder, 'how did this happen, and how could I have prevented it?' If you have encountered this scenario before, it's time you began taking steps to prevent this from ever happening in your home.

How Did The Toilet Become Blocked? According to several plumbing experts, the most common reason for blocked toilets is foreign objects finding their way into the flushing system. "Many people still believe that the toilet is a garbage for their waste", states one plumbing expert explaining that people don't treat their septic lines with much respect. Always take care with what gets flushed down your toilet. "In some cities in the UK, people often don't realize that what they flush, may end up right back into the environment.they need to take more care", the plumbing expert explains.

As a result, the first step to preventing blocked toilets is making sure you and your family are aware of what can and cannot be flushed. Some Suggestions When the Panic Begins Before you arrive at the point where the toilet is about to overflow, there is a useful hint that people commonly forget when faced with this daunting situation: do not flush the toilet if the water level is higher than normal. This may seem straight-forward thinking to the average person, however, it is common mistake for people to continue to flush the toilet even though water is not draining through the pipes. Flushing will only cause a flood if there is a blockage.

Locating the Source of the Problem Use your plunger - position it around the bottom of the bowl and try to pump as many times as you can If you have the required skills, use a plumbing snake. Pull out a section of auger pipe, insert the pipe end into the toilet bowl and rotate the drum so it burrows into the system and dislodges the block If the problem is not your toilet, but a plugged sewer, call your water company immediately Most importantly, if you aren't able to solve any of these problems, then now it is the time to consider getting expert help! Hiring a professional to care for and maintain your plumbing system can not only provide peace of mind in the event of a problem, it can also prevent the problems from occurring in the first place.

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