Wednesday, 14 February 2018

CCTV Drain survey Birmingham & Coventry


CCTV drain surveys and inspections are cost effective way to diagnosing problems or defects within the drainage system. Using athe lastest drainge camera equpitment we can tell what’s wrong with your drains in no time at all. Whether you are experinceing problems with your drains or pipe work, or if you need to inspect the drains on a property purchase. 

CCTV Drain Surveys

If you encounter a problem with your drains or pipe work, you want it to be fixed fast and effectivly! However, a CCTV survey speeds everything up. Showing the engineer in real time what the problem is with the pipe work and the location! 

This means we can advise on an effective solution to fix the problem, possible causes are if a tree root is blocking the drain by growing through a leaking joint,jetting somtimes will not remove this as it maybe too strong but looking inside with the CCTV camera will give us a good idea for the solution to your problems.

CCTV drain surveys save time and money, but they also keep disruption to a compete minimum. The camera does all the work in locating the problem, so once the engineer located the problem, they can simply carry out the work on that part of the drain thats causing the problem, rather than carrying out a large excavation to repair the whole pipe.

Pre Purchase drain inspections are great if you are looking to buy a property as we can inspect the drains and advise on any problems before you buy, This technology turns what could be a long, expensive task into a quick visit for an engineer, which is ideal for cutting down costs during the costly process of buying a house.

Using the latest in CCTV technology and industry software, we at MZR Plumbing we can offer full technical reports with our CCTV surveys, along with recommendations and quotations regarding any repairs needed. 

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