Friday, 17 August 2018


Rats in drains!

After attending a job in Birmingham and finding a deceased rat was the cause of the blockage, it seems fitting to write a blog and talk about the problems surrounding rats in drains. 

When it comes to rats in drains the first problem is who do you call. Pest control or drainage
engineers? Usually customers go with pest control and only contact a drainage engineer when it's too late. One piece of equipment that we have in our arsenal is a CCTV camera. With a simple CCTV survey a drainage engineer can inspect your drains in real time video and detect any problems. 

A frequently asked question when dealing with rats is how do they find their way into the drains? The most common explanation is new building work, which could leave pipes temporarily exposed or even redundant. Rats, although small will easily burrow and gnaw through most materials and move quickly creating new colonies. The best way to find out whether or not a rat has damaged you pipe? A CCTV Survey!

MZR are experts in all drainage aspects and have dealt with rats on a number of occasions. With a simple CCTV  survey our drainage engineers will diagnose your problem and give you a no obligation quote to get your drains back up and running. The rat pictured above was remove by an engineering using a high pressure jetting machine, which slides past the deceased rat and pulls it back with 3 rear facing jets. As you could imagine the after the smell our engineer didn't fancy lunch!

If you believe rats might be in your drains contact us on the following: 

Phone: 0121 633 1060

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